Last day at work...

En sus marcas.... listos....... FUERA!!!

Just about to leave.... we'll be on vacations 'till next monday!!!! :-D
five complete days!!!


Don't get me wrong..... I like my job, maybe I'm not crazy about it, but I like it.... It's just that the last months had been tough... and I really need to rest.
I need to be at home, there's a lot of thing to do there too.... Lately, my house it's just the place where I go to sleep!.... I need to spend time there. So... I'll be at home.

My husband won't have vacations, he'll be working, so I'll have a few days of "me time"... great!
9:17 am Still many hours to 6:00pm, but, today, I don't care! The only idea of my vacations already made my day!!!...

A beautiful tuesday to all of you!!!

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