About Dakha Brakha*

I write in the dark.
I write in the dark
while they play.

No matter the language.
No matter the country they came from
we share the same roots:

We can relate to the waves of sound
that surround us
touching our skin
going through us
fastening our heart beats.

We understand
we feel
the code 
in the way the voices chant their message
as if something sacred
it's happening.

They hug their instruments.
They smile
and, suddenly
we want to dance!

They took us through
different landscapes.

Their voices
extraordinary instruments
were wind
and birds
and beats of an ancient and endless

For some people
music is a calling
a way of life.
We can only truly
respect their work.

Tijuana stood up
for them.

Saturday April 29, 2017
CECUT, Tijuana.